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Piá Lac – Tá na Boca

New Techno Image project!
Production: Techno Image
Direction: Techno Image
Concept art and design: Techno Image
Models, textures and shaders: Techno Image
Animatic: Meindbender / Techno Image
Rigg: Meindbender
Animation: Meindbender / Techno Image
Edition and Post: Techno Image
Audio: 4’33″
Agency: Matriz
Techno Image: Alexandre Assumpção, André Paixão, Derek Henriques, Gabriel Beluco, Guilherme Proença, Hernan Zuniga, Lucas Leibholz, Pedro Conti, Rodnei Bassani, Saulo Brito, Tiago Hoisel, Victor Hugo Queiroz
MeindBender: Calle Halldin, Daniel Damm, Michael Bengtsson, Olov Burman.
Grooming: Francesco Lupo

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